History Movies

Mississippi Burning
1988, Drama, Crime, History Mississippi Burning
The Civil War
1990, War, History The Civil War
Jesus of Nazareth
1977, Drama, Biography, History Jesus of Nazareth
I, Claudius
1976, Drama, Biography, History I, Claudius
The Salt of the Earth
2014, Biography, History The Salt of the Earth
2015, Romance, Drama, History Poldark
'Allo 'Allo!
1982, Comedy, War, History 'Allo 'Allo!
Night and Fog
1956, Short, History Night and Fog
The Illusionist
2006, Drama, Fantasy, History The Illusionist
1969, Drama, Crime, History Z
Les Misérables
2012, Drama, History, Musical Les Misérables
The White Ribbon
2009, Drama, History, Mystery The White Ribbon
The Borgias
2011, Drama, Crime, History The Borgias
Bridge of Spies
2015, Drama, History, Thriller Bridge of Spies
Apollo 13
1995, Drama, Adventure, History Apollo 13
2008, Drama, Biography, History Frost/Nixon
Enemy at the Gates
2001, Drama, War, History Enemy at the Gates
Pretty Village, Pretty Flame
1996, Comedy, Drama, History Pretty Village, Pretty Flame
Call the Midwife
2012, Drama, History Call the Midwife
They Shall Not Grow Old
2018, War, History They Shall Not Grow Old
The Last Emperor
1987, Drama, Biography, History The Last Emperor
The Pillars of the Earth
2010, Romance, Drama, History The Pillars of the Earth
Raise the Red Lantern
1991, Romance, Drama, History Raise the Red Lantern
The Impossible
2012, Drama, History, Thriller The Impossible
The Terror
2018, Drama, Adventure, History The Terror
Malcolm X
1992, Drama, Biography, History Malcolm X
Inherit the Wind
1960, Drama, Biography, History Inherit the Wind
The Longest Day
1962, Action, Drama, History The Longest Day
The Favourite
2018, Drama, Biography, History The Favourite
The Killing Fields
1984, Drama, Biography, History The Killing Fields
1980, Drama, War, History Kagemusha
Zeitgeist: Addendum
2008, War, History Zeitgeist: Addendum
2016, Drama, Biography, History Victoria
The Man Who Would Be King
1975, War, Adventure, History The Man Who Would Be King
The Normal Heart
2014, Romance, Drama, History The Normal Heart
2017, Drama, Biography, History Genius
War & Peace
2016, Romance, Drama, History War & Peace
The Twilight Samurai
2002, Romance, Drama, History The Twilight Samurai
Man on Wire
2008, Biography, History Man on Wire
The Corporation
2003, History The Corporation
1977, Drama, Biography, History Roots
Hatfields & McCoys
2012, Romance, Drama, History Hatfields & McCoys
The Lion in Winter
1968, Drama, Biography, History The Lion in Winter
Lion of the Desert
1980, Drama, Biography, History Lion of the Desert
TURN: Washington's Spies
2014, Drama, War, History TURN: Washington's Spies
The Leopard
1963, Drama, History The Leopard
Land of Mine
2015, Drama, War, History Land of Mine
1970, Music, History Woodstock

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